Rastin C. Ashtiani, Experienced Defense Attorney for Wallin & Klarich, Assisted Client to Get Hit and Run Charges Dropped (California Vehicle Code 20002)

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 18, 2013

A Wallin & Klarich client recently had charges for hit and run pursuant to California Vehicle Code section 20002 dropped. The client was represented by criminal defense attorney Rastin C. Ashtiani, who assisted the client to gain the favorable result in his case.


The California Penal Code allows for a civil compromise in a criminal proceeding. The person injured must appear before the court, in person or by written declaration, where the criminal case is pending and acknowledge that he or she has received full compensation for the loss or injury. The victim must also convey to the court that he or she does not desire to prosecute the person accused of the crime. If the court is satisfied, it will order charges against the defendant to be dismissed. There is no requirement that the prosecutor consent to the civil compromise, said Mr. Ashtiani.


According to court record from Los Angeles Superior Court – Metropolitan Courthouse, the client was accused of striking a parked car with his vehicle and then leaving the scene of the accident without leaving a note or any information that would identify him as the driver that hit the parked car. The client was charged under California Vehicle Code section 20002 which explains that any driver who hits another car must locate and notify the owner of the vehicle of the damage, or leave some sort of written notice of the damage in a visible place. The client faced up to six months in jail, up to $ 1000 fine, or both jail time and a fine if convicted, in addition to a three year probation period.


After learning the circumstances of the case, Mr. Ashtiani started negotiations with the owner of the vehicle that the client had hit. After talking to the owner of the vehicle that was struck by the client, Mr. Ashtiani was able to work out a civil compromise according to court documents. The compromise required the client to compensate the vehicle driver for any damage that he had caused. After reaching an agreement, the owner of the vehicle signed an acknowledgement of the civil compromise, which the court later accepted. As a result, the charges against the client were completely dropped. The client not only no longer faces the threat of jail time or hefty fines, but also does not have a criminal conviction on his record.


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