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Officer's sudden resignation jeopardizes 60 drunk-driving cases
A spokeswoman for the Virginia Beach Commonwealth's Attorney's Office said Officer Christopher D. Skinner was scheduled to testify in 11 DUI cases on Aug. 11. That morning, they found out he had quit. Ten of the cases were dropped. One driver didn't …

In States With Legal Marijuana, New Questions About DUI Enforcement
“If you don't want people to drive impaired then charge them for driving impaired,” said Douglas Hiatt, a Seattle-based criminal defense attorney. “Look at the totality of the circumstances and prove your case. Don't rely on a standard that's …
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Phoenix Attorney Exposes Common DUI Myths
Attorney Brian D. Sloan, founder of The Arizona DUI Team in Phoenix is exposing several common myths associated with being charged with Driving Under the Influence. Sloan says many people make costly mistakes during their arrest because they believe …
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