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Driving under the influence is a serious offense. This is an offense that could face serious jail time or fines. When people make the choice to get behind the wheel and drive after they have consumed alcohol or drugs they are at risk of being stopped by the police and have to face the consequences. A Phoenix DUI Attorney is available to help with any charges the offender may face.

If you are a first time offender you may have a better chance at beating the chargers if no one was hurt because of your negligence. A Phoenix DUI Attorney will defend you against any chargers brought up against you, in the court of law.

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When you are involved in a DUI case, you do not know all your right. The attorney you higher will address your options. The attorney will also address the pretrial negotiations in your case. Never face DUI charges without legal console. Most people do get a second or even a third chance when they are represented by a DUI attorney. Not all cases result in jail time, but in order to ensure your case is one of them you need to hire a Phoenix DUI attorney.

A punishment may be ordered by the judge. The judge may order the offender to go to classes that will give you reasons not to get behind the wheel after you have consumed alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs. The judge may not give jail time for this offence but may take the offender’s driver’s license away. The offender may also have a DUI put on their record which could hinder them from every obtaining a driving job.

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