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Do you know that in the year 2008 California State had most number of arrests for driving under the influence (DUI)?

As per the data released by Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), California recorded 214,828 arrests in 2008; while Texas, Florida, and Pennsylvania had recorded 90,066, 61,852, and 53,319 DUI arrests respectively.

DUI – An Overview

DUI or driving under the influence refers to driving a vehicle while drunk or any form of impaired driving. In a much simplified sense, it is operating motorized machinery after uncontrolled consumption of alcohol or prohibited drugs or a combination of both. It is important for you to know that ‘DUI’ and ‘DWI’ are rather synonymous terms which are used to represent criminal offense of operating automobiles in an intoxicated state.

In most countries, someone who is convicted of injuring or killing people while driving under the influence can be heavily fined and in most cases, given a lengthy prison sentence. If someone is arrested for driving while intoxicated, he/she usually goes looking for DUI attorneys. Santa Clarita (CA) is one of those cities in America where you can find several DUI lawyers – this is mainly because of the high percentage of drunken driving arrests in California.

Some of the DUI attorney services

DUI lawyers are apparently the only people who can drag you out of legal hassle, if you have been convicted for injuring or killing somebody while driving under heavy influence of alcohol or drugs. If you are arrested for any kind of impaired driving, you have to look for DUI attorneys. Santa Clarita (CA), San Fernando (CA), Fillmore (CA), Beverly Hills (CA) are some of the cities where citizens frequently consult such lawyers for protecting their personal record, license, and life if they are held guilty under the law for road mishaps.

When you are arrested for operating your motor vehicle under the effects of drugs or liquor, the DUI lawyers carefully examine the options at your disposal to ensure that everything possible is being done to protect your legal rights and may even reduce the penalty that has been charged.

If you are looking for reputed DUI attorneys, Santa Clarita (CA) is your destination – some of the best legal experts have now established their offices in this part of California. To consult an attorney from the Law Office of Michael Bialys, you can visit the website www.dui1guy.com. You would surely be able to find all information about their services and consultation policies.

DUI Defense Attorney Santa Clarita, CA provides specialized, professional legal services for any DUI case. Log on to the website Dui1guy.com for more information.

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