Rastin C. Ashtiani, Experienced Wallin & Klarich Defense Attorney, Gets All Charges Dropped for Client Facing DUI Consequences

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) April 19, 2013

A Wallin & Klarich client recently had all charges of driving under the influence of a controlled substance dropped, thanks to the assistance of experienced and knowledgeable Wallin & Klarich Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, Rastin C. Ashtiani.


Only a skilled and aggressive criminal defense attorney will be able to analyze the evidence against the individual charged with a crime and determine the strengths and weaknesses in the prosecutors case, said attorney Rastin C. Ashtiani. In some cases, the prosecutor will have enough evidence to get a conviction. However, even in those cases, the law allows for significant discretion as to what the punishment will ultimately be.


According to the Los Angeles Superior Court Metropolitan Courthouse, the client was pulled over by law enforcement after allegedly driving erratically. After the client was pulled over, the officer indicated that the client exhibited signs of being under the influence of a controlled substance. The officer conducted a field sobriety test and the client was then arrested. After the client was arrested her blood was tested for controlled substances. The prosecutor then charged the client with driving under the influence pursuant to California Vehicle Code section 23152, and being under the influence of a controlled substance pursuant to California Health and Safety Code section 11550.


The client faced a misdemeanor conviction, loss of driving privileges, a substantial fine, jail time and probation if she was convicted of driving under the influence under California Vehicle Code section 23152 according to court documents. The client further faced another misdemeanor conviction and a minimum of 90 days in jail if convicted under California Health and Safety Code section 11550 for driving under the influence of a controlled substance.


To avoid the substantial consequences associated with the crime of driving under the influence, the client sought the assistance of Mr. Ashtiani. Mr. Ashtiani met with the client to learn the facts of the story and reviewed all of the evidence against the client according to court record. After gaining all the relevant information, Mr. Ashtiani was able to produce evidence to the prosecution that raised serious reasonable doubt as to the guilt of the client. The evidence ultimately convinced the prosecution to drop the charges against the client.


As a result of Mr. Ashtianis help, the client was able to retain her driving privileges and avoid serving any jail time according to court record.


An individual charged with a crime owes it to themselves to hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney that will do everything in his or her power to advocate on the individuals behalf, said Mr. Ashtiani of Wallin & Klarich.




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