DrivingHistory.com Releases Kit to Help Communities Reduce Drunk Driving

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) December 13, 2013

DrivingHistory.com is launching a guide to help communities learn how to reduce drunk driving in their neighborhood, the company announced yesterday.

People often don’t realize how much of an effect they can have on their friends and neighbors, a DrivingHistory.com spokesman said. The truth is that there are simple things people can do to reduce the chance that people in their community are driving while under the influence. Our guide will show them concrete steps they can make to greatly reduce the chances of their friends or neighbors drinking and driving.

The DrivingHistory.com guide will show people simple social steps they can take to make people in their community think before they get behind the wheel drunk, he said.

It used to be left to non-profit groups to get the word out about drinking and driving, he said. But we believe that social pressure can also have a strong effect on the problem. For example, if you have someone at your house who has had a few drinks, having a quick talk with them can often make them think twice about getting behind the wheel.

The guide will be published on the DrivingHistory.com website in their members’ area, he said. Later it will be pushed out on their social media platforms and blog.

This is the time of year when many people are tempted to drink and drive, he said. We want to help put a stop to that.

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