Driving Under the Influence: DUI Lawyers and the Legal System

Friday night is usually the best day of the week to drown in alcohol. It is the last day of the working week, meaning it’s socially acceptable to wake up late in the afternoon the day after with a hangover and lots of hazy memories. While there’s no harm in having a little fun on a night out, drinking too much and driving home afterwards can result in life-changing events –such as being charged with a DUI case.


DUI (Driving under the Influence) is the act of driving motor vehicles with a blood level of alcohol that goes beyond the legal limit. In most jurisdictions, the blood alcohol content is required to be at least below 0.05 to 0.08 percent. DUI is increasingly becoming common in the United States. In fact, a report by the Uniform Crime Reports has revealed that there are nearly 1.4 million cases of drunk driving every year.


If you are facing a DUI charge, don’t take matters too lightly. It is considered a serious offense and can have grave consequences depending on the area you live in. Each state has varying sentencing laws but penalties oftentimes include fines, possible jail time, community service, a driver’s license restriction, and a mandatory attendance in alcohol and drug education programs. Losing your license is almost automatic after a DUI case. Fortunately, some states allow offenders to request a hearing to avoid having their licenses suspended. In drastic times like these, you will need the help of a DUI lawyer.


A Pittsburgh DUI lawyer specializes in blood alcohol tests and drunk-driving cases. He can evaluate your situation and come up with solutions or at least lessen the penalties. It’s important to remember that a DUI case can leave a permanent record and be a reason for people to start judging you. With a lawyer’s help, you can redeem yourself and live like a law-abiding citizen of the country once again.


Finding a reputable Pittsburgh DUI attorney is now easier thanks to the Internet. With a few clicks, hundreds of names can be accessed. While finding a lawyer is practically effortless, it doesn’t mean choosing one should be just as quick. Perform thorough research regarding the lawyer’s background and track record to ensure that he can defend your legal rights.


Everyone should remember to regulate their drinking if they are driving afterwards. Other than being charged with a DUI, drunk-driving also causes a lot of road accidents, meaning it can cost you your life and the lives of others. With a PA DUI lawyer, you can breathe easier during a DUI case.

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