Field Sobriety Tests


The police in 95% of the cases use Field Sobriety Tests as the primary indicator of impairment to determine whether or not a person will be arrested for DUI. However, there are a number of factors that can lead to a mistaken interpretation of your impairment, such as:

  1. Being nervous, scared, tired or distracted during testing.
  2. Physical disabilities which prohibit one from performing the tests to the satisfaction of the arresting officer.
  3. One’s own natural lack of coordination and balance in everyday activities.
  4. The environment in which the tests were conducted:
  5. Were the tests performed on a flat level surface?
  6. How close to the roadway and traffic were you?
  7. What was the lighting condition or lack there of?
  8. Were the Field Sobriety Tests merely told to you or demonstrated correctly?

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