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Tampa florida

Worth Seeing Things at Tampa Bay Tampa is one of the most striking cities in the world that offers its visitors plenty of things to do when they are at Tampa bay. Apart from tourists, people who want to relocate or looking for work in Tampa will find that city a really impressive place to work, live and play. Tampa is a large city which offers tons of activities not only to the tourists but also to

Latest DUI Attorney Tampa News

County DUI arrests rise, but they level off in Tampa Sgt. Ray Fernandez, the former supervisor of the squad, was fired in September 2013 after he was accused of helping set up the DUI arrest of lawyer Philip Campbell, who was in the middle of a high-profile defamation case between shock jocks Todd “MJ” … Read more on Lawyers' plea deal was missing one thing: Truth Within blocks, Campbell was popped for DUI with the help of

Woodstock Councilman Dan Hart Pleads Not Guilty to DUI

Woodstock Councilman Dan Hart Pleads Not Guilty to DUI Brian Stevens, Hart's attorney, has said video of the arrest shows no sign of Hart being intoxicated. As for leaving the scene of an accident, Stevens said Hart had gone to call for help because his cellphone wasn't working and because the driver of … Read more on Woodstock Independent Attorney Steve Sumner Delivers 2014 DUI Wrap-up for South Carolina Bar DUI lawyer Steve Sumner recently presented a

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