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Driving Under the Influence: DUI Lawyers and the Legal System

Friday night is usually the best day of the week to drown in alcohol. It is the last day of the working week, meaning it’s socially acceptable to wake up late in the afternoon the day after with a hangover and lots of hazy memories. While there’s no harm in having a little fun on a night out, drinking too much and driving home afterwards can result in life-changing events –such as being charged with a DUI

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Michael Lohan Hired Casey Anthony's Lawyer Because His Pregnant Baby … You can't accuse him of not caring! Michael Lohan's baby momma Kate Major has been in jail due to her DUI, but it turned out that she's also pregnant! Well, this week, Kate has reportedly been taken to the infirmary twice for vaginal bleeding, and she … Read more on DUI four times in two days Defence lawyer Claire Wilkins said Benson, 47, did not

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