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West Virginia Car Accident Lawyer Steven Recht Comments on Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Charleston

Weirton, WV (PRWEB) November 03, 2013 Recent car accidents in the tri-state area should serve as a reminder to drivers that fleeing the scene of an accident can have serious legal consequences, according to Steven Recht of Recht Law Offices, a hit and run accident lawyer in West Virginia. ABC 8 (Good Samaritan Tries To Save Woman Hit By SUV In Charleston) reported on October 17 that a woman in Charleston, WV was struck and killed

Driving Under the Influence: California Attorneys, DUI

It is estimated that the average adult of about 70kg will reach the .08% limit after drinking three glasses of dry wine, five cans of beer, or four tots of spirits. However, depending on many factors that influence absorption rate, it could be somewhat lower than that. It is very easy to miscalculate your body absorption and the effects of what you have been drinking. Drinking alcohol and driving is a highly ill-advised thing to do. Nevertheless

Judge Charged With DUI Likely To Be Reviewed, Unlikely To Face Jail

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) September 03, 2013 Judge Tracy Sheehan spent a night in jail after being pulled over and arrested for drunk driving earlier this month according to the Tampa Bay Times (7.6.13). Criminal defense lawyer James Phillips says the judge could face a review of her judiciary qualifications, but likely won’t serve additional jail time. Sheehan says that she and her cousin went out for drinks in Ybor City, bar hopping between three different venues.

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