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Car Insurance and Driving Under the Influence

Given the fact that driving under the influence is equally hazardous for driver as well as innocent people getting affected, no car insurance policy will cover you.  After all, driving under the influence is an illegal act and therefore, the liability to settle a claim does not rest with the car insurance company. Still If companies tend to cover then dui insurance rates are far expensive than one could think. As a precautionary measure, every car insurance

Driving Under the Influence of Legal Drugs

Many driving schools teach the dangers of drinking and driving with some also mentioning the effects and dangers of driving while under the influence of marijuana. But how many drivers realize that driving under legally prescribed drugs and some herbal medications can be just as dangerous? Diving is a skill, actually it is a very complex skill determined by changes in our physical, emotional and mental conditions all of which can be impaired by the use of

DUI Attorney

Summary: Ever got accused for driving under influence of alcohol or drugs. That would be certainly the last thing that you would ever want to be accused of especially if you are innocent. A DUI charge is a very serious matter and can dig you to the core. A DUI attorney can help a person who has been accused of DUI. The concerned authorities can suspend the accused driver’s license even for his lifetime if the case

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